This Fallout: New Vegas Mods Brings Star Wars to the Mojave Desert

This Fallout: New Vegas Mods Brings Star Wars to the Mojave Desert 1

With all of the talk about Fallout 76 in the air, many gamers – like myself – find ourselves wistfully thinking about games past. The franchise is rich but one of the most beloved entries into this series actually came from Obsidian with their Fallout: New Vegas title. A fan favourite to be sure, this game offered incredible NPC interaction, a unique take on the Wasteland, and tons of memorable quest lines for players to treasure. What more could fans want? Let’s add some Stormtroopers!


The Mojave Stormtroopers mod adds many different armor types into the game, not just the plain ‘ol white version. Whether you want to show off that 501st pride, or want get your Commander Gree on, this mod is perfect for you!

From the creator themselves, here’s more about what this particular mod has in store for Fallout: New Vegas:

“It has been two years since this was first released; Initially, a simple skin of 501st Trooper armor, and eventually evolved into a span of some twenty-one armor sets. I feel comfortable considering this as a final version, granted that there’s a missing mesh for the scout pistol(which I will never get back >_>), everything else is, in my eyes, a completed project. The sister mod to this, which was the NCR Faction Replacer, will not be worked on any further, and any issues that may reside with that mod will have to stay as they are. If anyone wants to make improvements, then by all means, go ahead and I will upload it as an official patch. This mod will only be further updated if anybody comes across any game-breaking issues.”


It’s fun, it’s free, but it’s not lore friendly. But for a sect in the gaming community that feels the need to add in Thomas the Tank Engine into literally everything, is that really so much of a bad thing?


If you’re interested in jumping back into the Mojave desert to defeat the rebel scum, you can download the mod right here from NexusMods! If you like this creator’s work, definitely give them a free endorsement while you’re at it!

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