Emilia Clarke Thrilled to Re-Shoot ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Scenes With Director Ron Howard

Emilia Clarke Thrilled to Re-Shoot 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Scenes With Director Ron Howard 1
Emilia Clarke Thrilled to Re-Shoot 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Scenes With Director Ron Howard 2

Star Wars fans will finally get to see Solo: A Star Wars Story in less than two weeks, which will put to rest many fears we have about the project following many public creative shake-ups behind the scenes. While some fans are nervous that Ron Howard replacing original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller would inherently lead to a messy result, star Emilia Clarke confirmed she was relieved that she had another opportunity to film scenes which she didn’t feel comfortable with when first shooting.

“Ron came on and literally took us all in and listened to everyone. He had, like, no time to prep whatsoever and just took us from this kind of ‘what are we doing’ to a place of such ease and comfort and fun. And we got to revisit stuff that normally you don’t get to have a second chance on,” Clarke explained to Variety. “So, there were a number of scenes where I was like, ‘Yes, thank goodness. I did not do that well. I’m very happy to revisit that.’

She went on to add that it’s an unconventional process that she wished she had more opportunities to do, explaining, “It weirdly ended up working out in a really great way where you go, ‘I kind of wish I could have a couple of months and then go back to it and fix a couple of things that I wasn’t happy with on the day.’”

Following the departure of Lord and Miller last summer over creative differences with Lucasfilm, rumors ignited about who would finish the film. Like many fans, Clarke was excited by Howard coming on board.

“On paper, it sounds like an absolute nightmare and it’s a complete testament to [Lucasfilm president] Kathy [Kennedy] and the studio and to everyone…it sounds like I’m spinning a yarn, but I’m not, because it was seamless,” Clarke confirmed. “It was really, really well done. We had brief hiatus…and then I get this call saying that Ron Howard’s coming on. So, Jon Kasdan, the writer of the movie, I called him like six times and was like, ‘Are you sure? Are you really sure? Do we really get to have Ron?'”

The final product seems to have paid off, with ComicBook.com’s review explaining, “Aside from some pacing issues that plague the beginning and ending, the movie’s backed by forward momentum, as Han attempts to look backward but can’t help but be propelled into the future, toward a life of crime. As an insular plot not dependent on prequels or sequels, Solo: A Star Wars Story stands by itself as a strong entry in the franchise. But it’s because the film relishes in its setting that allows it to thrive as one of Lucasfilm’s strongest forays yet in a post-Disney world.”

You can see Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters on May 25th.


Do you believe Clarke was being authentic or merely trying to look on the bright side of a rough situation? Let us know in the comments below or hit up @TheWolfman on Twitter to talk all things Star Wars and horror!

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